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Chung Lam-tsoi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 22, 1980
Chinatown, NYC
Died June 2, 2008
Affiliation Triads Lee Triad
Title(s) Blue Lantern
Chung Lam-tsoi was a Chinese Triad who was associated with the Lee Triad of Chinatown, New York City. He was murdered in 2008.

Biography Edit

Chung Lam-tsoi was born in Chinatown, New York City, to Chung Ming-hai and Zhao Zia, two recently-arrived immigrants. In 1997, he became affiliated with the Lee Triad, a Triad family that operated in the Chinatown neighborhood, after meeting Triad Vanguard Chung Zhang (no relations) outside of his high school. Lam-tsoi was taught how to use a gun, and how to extort businesses, and became one of the patrolling associates of the family. One night, while riding in his expensive Feroci car, he was bumped into by The Lost MC biker President Johnny Klebitz, so he exited his car and shot at Klebitz's car. Klebitz got out of his car and shot him several times with an SMG, and fled the police as they arrived at the crime scene. 

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