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Jamaican Boss
Claybourne Agerton
Biographical Information
Aliases "Klay"
Gender Male
Born January 29, 1967
Port Royal, Jamaica
Died June 20, 2008
Northern Gardens, New York City
Affiliation Northern Gardens Boyz
Title(s) Boss
Claybourne Agerton was a Jamaican-American gangster who was the leader of the Northern Gardens Boyz, a segment of the HSM (Hop-Skotch Mafia). Agerton was from Jamaica, and founded the gang after he got hooked on cocaine, and dealt drugs in Northern Gardens in Bohan until his death in 2008.

Biography Edit

Agerton was born in the poor neighborhood of Port Royal, Jamaica, to parents who were cocaine addicts. As a child, he was involved in street fighting, beating up people and stealing their money. When he was seventeen, he hopped on a barge to Miami, and after dealing drugs that he had stolen from people there, he took a plane to New York City and lived in a tenement there. He continued his business, gaining more and more cash. Agerton began to hire gangsters to guard him and support him, and in 1989, he was arrested on charges of drug addiction, drug dealing, and murdering a drug dealer. Agerton was released in 1999, released on parole for ratting out a drug dealer that supplied him with most of his cocaine, and he stormed the KC Warehouse, taking Barzini Capo Anthony Edmonte's whole shipment of drugs and weapons from the place. In return, the Barzinis burnt down Agerton's drug warehouse in Boulevard, leaving Agerton without much of his drugs. In 2001, the 1999 Boulevard Gang War ended, and Agerton was able to re-establish himself in Northern Gardens, where he regained the trust of many gangsters and drug dealers, and spent his cash on buying over Hot Stuff and the Garden of Eden, operating the strip clubs from his apartment. Agerton was well-known for his prostitution and gambling, as he set up Poker-Boy's Club in early 2002. He founded the Northern Gardens Boyz after this, and his minions plundered local warehouses and stole cash, guns, bullets, and goods.

Agerton was arrested in 2002 on charges of statutory rape, allegedly molesting a 10 year-old schoolgirl. His gang was commonly known for Gangbanging, and many of his associates were jailed or sued for thsis. In 2007, he returned to real life after years in the Bohan Correctional Institute, and found his gang fighting other gangs back home in Bohan: these included the Angels of Death, The Lost MC, and sometimes, the Barzinis. Agerton murdered seventeen people himself in 2007, and in 2008, he was punished by The Lost MC.

Death Edit

In June, The Lost MC captain Johnny Klebitz, leader of the Lost Acter Chapter, and a gang of six bikers attacked Agerton, who was cruising around Bohan in a three-car convoy. Klebitz shot through his window, so he had to get out of his car and into an alleyway, and he was shot dead.

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