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Clyde Lando
Clyde Lando
Biographical Information
Aliases "Butterfly"
Gender Male
Born January 28, 1928
Astoria, Queens
Died February 17, 1959
North Shore, Queens
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato's Family
Title(s) Soldier
Clyde Lando was an Italian-American mobster who was most famous for being a soldier under Norman Rossi in Carmine Rosato's Family. In the mob war of 1959 between Carmine Rosato and the Corleone crime family, Lando was killed leading a reinforcement attack on SaniCo Dump and Disposal by Dominic.

Biography Edit

Lando was from Astoria, Queens, born to two Sicilian immigrants. Lando became involved in crime when he was young, gaining the nickname "Butterfly"; he liked to use a butterfly blade to cut up his enemies. Lando was initiated into Carmine Rosato's regime in 1952, and in 1959, became a Soldier when Rosato left the Clemenza crime family.

On February 17, 1959, he recieved an urgent distress call from Quincy Travis, an associate of his who ran SaniCo Dump and Disposal, that the rival Corleone crime family was attacking the business. Lando and three cars filled with Carmine Rosato's enforcers drove to North Shore, where the racket was located, and got into a firefight with Dominic, Jimmy Lira, Bill Bardi, and Raymond Costa. Dominic wanted to strike fear into the hearts of Rosato's Gang, so he ran Lando over with a muscle car.

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