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Fergie Colm

Fergie Colm

The Colm Gang was a gang of Irish and Irish-American people, whose main focus was drug dealing, bank heists, and armored car robberies. In 2010, the gang ended when all of them were killed either by the FBI or by Doug MacRay, who shot Colm after he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend.

History Edit

Fergie Colm was a Scottish person who moved to Charlestown, Boston in 2005 and started his own gang there to make money. He also pushed drugs onto the streets from Fergie's, a flower shop that fronted a drug racket. His crew included Doug MacRay, James Coughlin, Albert Magloan, and Desmond Elden, who were famous robbers. His gang robbed six armored cars and two banks, but also committed the 2010 Fenway Park Heist, stealing $3 million in cash from the Red Sox baseball team. However, all but MacRay died in the firefight, and MacRay entered Fergie's and shot Colm and his bodyguard, after Colm informed him that his drugs caused his mother's death and that he would kill his ex-girlfriend if Doug deserted him.

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