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The Contreras color, turqoise.

Contreras Cartel

Members of the Contreras Cartel.

The Contreras Cartel, also known as Nacho's Gang, was a Miami drug cartel that was led by Nacho Contreras from 1950 to 1981. The cartel's uniform color was mainly blue. They had a wide range of drugs, integrating heroin, cocaine, and pot into their specialties. In 1981, the family ended when Contreras was brutally killed by a shark and the last of his businesses were taken over.

History Edit

Nacho Contreras death

Nacho Contreras' violent doom.

Nacho Contreras was a Mexican immigrant to Miami in the 1950s, and founded his own cartel there. He made a profit through the heroin, cocaine, and marijuana distribution, and became one of the richest men in Miami. Nacho Contreras was nicknamed "El Gordo" and "the Fat Bastard" because of his corpulence and greed. He became business partners with Frank Lopez, whose Lopez crime family had dominance over all of Miami as of 1980, and attended the Babylon Club with other drug lords , such as Gaspar Gomez, Luis Echevierra, Miguel Echevierra, Alfonso Diaz, Edgar Diaz, and Tony Montana. In 1983, following the shootout at the Montana Estate (in which everyone thought that Montana had died), Contreras took over Downtown Miami, while the Diaz Bros took over Little Havana and Gaspar took over North Beach and South Beach. Nacho revived his empire using human slave trade with The Mothership, a cargo ship that transported Cuban and Mexican slaves to Miami. Contreras was doing well until three months after the shootout, Tony Montana came out from hiding from his safehouse, and he took Little Havana from the Diaz Gang. Contreras was the next target, and Montana and his enforcers cleared out Nacho's Gang Nests, taking over a large percentage of Downtown. Contreras was killed when Montana boarded his cargo ship/casino and shot him, as Contreras jumped into the ocean and was eaten by a shark.

His empire did not end, however, until Montana stormed The Mothership on a helicopter and killed the captain of the ship, defused all of the bombs, and gunned down all of Nacho's enforcers on board. He opened the containers and freed the slaves, who took over the ship and headed to Miami, free. Montana finished off Nacho's gang by exterminating the last nests in Downtown.