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Cristoforo D'Binna
Cristoforo D'Binna
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born September 11, 1920
The Bronx, New York City
Died August 9, 1990
Queens, New York City
Affiliation Trapani Clemenza
Title(s) Soldier
Cristoforo D'Binna was an American mobster, murderer, and a soldier in the Clemenza crime family during the 1950s. He was accused of stealing from vending machines and/or jukeboxes, as well as extortion, strong-arming, and murder in the Kane Hearings. However, he avoided charges and remained a soldier until his retirement in 1960 following the death of his boss, Frank Pentangeli.

Biography Edit

D'Binna was born in The Bronx (eastern Hell's Kitchen and Midtown) to Italian immigrants who came from Calabria. D'Binna was raised in the rough neighborhoods, and as a teenager, became a juvenile delinquent: he stole from vending machines and jukeboxes at restaurants. In 1945, he was made an associate in the Corleone crime family under Peter Clemenza, and when the Clemenza family was founded in 1952, D'Binna was promoted to soldier for them. However, Pete Clemenza died of a heart attack in 1957 and was succeeded by Frank Pentangeli, another Moustache Pete.

D'Binna took part in the war with Carmine Rosato in 1958~1959, where he killed his first man. He shot several of Carmine Rosato's buttonmen during the conflict, which earned him charge "I" in the Kane Hearings. He was convicted by the court, and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, but was acquitted after Pentangeli (who was testifying against Michael Corleone) admitted that all of the things that he told about Corleone were fake. D'Binna retired in 1960 after Pentangeli killed himself, and died peacefully in his Queens apartment.

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