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Daniel Glaive
Biographical Information
Aliases D
Gender Male
Born 1984
Compton, Los Angeles
Died May 27 2013
La Puerta, Los Angeles
Affiliation Ballas
Title(s) OG
Daniel Glaive, simply known as D, was a Ballas OG.

Biogaphy Edit

Glaive was a member of the Los Angeles street gang, the Ballas, operating in Compton, a neighborhood torn apart by warfare between the Grove Street Families and Ballas. GSF member Lamar Davis planned to kidnap D with Franklin Clinton, bringing his dog Chop in a white van. Lamar planned to hold him hostage for two days for a $40,000 reward, and they drove to Hollywood Boulevard, where he was believed to have been in an alleyway. The CGF members found him in an alley with the cousin of his friend Laisha, and he was trying to make moves on her when bandana-wearing CGF gangstas approached. He rode away on a bike, so Lamar and Franklin pursued him in the same white van. A truck hit D's bike, knocking him off, and they pursued him onto a train. He jumped into a boxcar, and Lamar and Franklin followed Chop to the scent. He opened a boxcar door and found D, who ran. The dog bit him on the floor, and although D said that he had no beef with the CGF, they abducted him and drove away. However, Lamar had to drop D off because he called the Ballas, letting the LAPD find his location. Now, the Ballas had a beef with the CGF.

Death Edit

D invited OG Stretch, Lamar, and Franklin to a drug deal in La Puerta in Rogers Salvage and Scrap, an abandoned building. However, D set them up, calling in some Ballas SUVs to reinforce him. When the CGF found out, Stretch shot D in the head three times with a pistol, killing him. The CGF gangsters killed the Ballas attackers and fled the area.

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