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Dante Luchetto
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 16, 1916
Little Italy, New York City
Died December 15, 1955
Little Italy, New York City
Affiliation Cuneo Cuneo Family
DeBellis Crew
Title(s) Soldier
Dante Luchetto was an Italian-American mobster who was an Soldier of the Cuneo crime family he is Work for Mario DeBellis.

History Edit

Dante Luchetto became a truck bodyguard as a young man, and was Soldier with the Cuneo crime family, since he and four cuneo enforcer defended driver of racket trucks for them. In 1955, however, his truck, worth 99999999999$$$$$$$$$$ was hijacked by Aldo Trapani and delivered to the Hotel Alioto, Dante Luchetto and truck driver and four cuneo enforcer was killed by Aldo Trapani and his crew to make there be no witnesses.

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