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Dardan Petrela
Dardan Petrela
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 12, 1968
Died April 29, 2008
Brighton Beach, New York City
Affiliation Albanian Mob Albanians
Title(s) Shylock
Dardan Petrela was an Albanian-American gangster who was associated with the Albanian Mafia in New York City. Petrela was killed in 2008 by Niko Bellic, cousin of Roman Bellic, whom Petrella was sent to beat up earlier because he had not paid his debts.

Biography Edit

Petrela was born in Albania and moved to America in 1990 following the breakup of FR Yugoslavia. Petrela became an associate of the Albanians, a street gang from The Bronx and Brooklyn. Petrela became bitter enemies with Roman Bellic, a compulsive gambler who did not pay off his debts to the Albanians. Petrela's arm was dislocated by Niko Bellic when he attacked Bellic at his taxi depot with a knife, and he cornered him in Brownsville's Projects later on.

Death Edit

Niko Bellic beat up Kalem Vulaj and Bledar Morina, two of Dardan's enforcers, and Dardan fled in his car. Petrela was chased to a warehouse on Brighton Beach, and he tried to flee up the stairs to the warehouse on foot, but was killed by Niko Bellic, who punched him on the top floor, and he fell backwards, breaking the windows and falling into the water to his death.

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