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Murder of Robert Sheldon
Bob Sheldon dead
Conflict: 1967 Tulsa gang war
Date: August 17, 1967
Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Outcome: Murder of Bob Sheldon




Johnny Cade
Ponyboy Curtis

Robert Sheldon
Randall Adderson


2 men

4 men


1 nearly killed

1 killed

The murder of Bob Sheldon was a crime committed by Johnny Cade, a 16 year-old greaser. It was caused by the jumping of his friend Ponyboy Curtis, who was nearly drowned in the fountain of the park in which the murder took place, so Johnny Cade stabbed Robert Sheldon, an 18 year-old Soc, who was the one drowning Ponyboy, but only in self-defense.

Fight Edit

A blue Mustang with four Socs pulled up to the park in the center of the city of Tulsa, where greasers Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis were hanging out. The Socs were mad that the greasers tried to pick up Robert Sheldon's girlfriend Sherri "Cherry" Valance, so they wanted to murder Ponyboy. They attempted to drown him in the fountain of the park, but Johnny Cade reluctantly took his switchblade and stabbed Sheldon, killing him on the spot. The other Socs fled to their Mustang and drove off in fear, while the Greasers fled the scene to the home of Buck Merrill, a friend of fellow greaser Dallas Winston.