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The Death of Luciano Fabbri was a murder carried out by Aldo Trapani, the Underboss of the Corleone crime family, against rival Cuneo crime family consigliere Luciano Fabbri, who was plotting for war, beginning the Fifth Cuneo War.

Hit Edit

Cuneo consigliere Luciano "the Fat Man" Fabbri was a target of the Corleone crime family, although there was an unsteady truce that had been brokered. Fabbri had been longing for war, and was a high-ranking Cuneo, so the Corleones wanted to take out Luciano before he could cause trouble. Corleone Capo Peter Clemenza assigned the hit to Underboss Aldo Trapani in Abbadando's.

He was eating hot dogs purchased from a hot dog vendor on 42nd Street when Aldo Trapani came up to him, shooting his bodyguards. Armed with a shotgun, Fabbri tried to defend himself, but Trapani taunted him about how he should have hired better bodyguards, before shooting him twice in the chest with a Street Sweeper shotgun, taking him out.

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