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Murder Edit

Cuneo underboss Marco Cuneo, son of Don Carmine Cuneo, was next on the line of hits by the Corleones, who had taken out consigliere Luciano Fabbri only a few days before him. Marco had an outstanding public reputation, street smart and friendly with the NYPD. However, privately, he was a brutal commander who killed many Corleone soldiers. For revenge, Capo Peter Clemenza sent Aldo Trapani to kill him, while making it look like an accident.

Marco Cuneo was well-guarded with bodyguards, near the Natural History Museum in Midtown, a richer part of the city. Trapani shot Marco's five bodyguards to death, while he had police protection. He shot all of the Cuneo hitmen that also arrived; it was the Fifth Cuneo War, and threw Marco Cuneo into the railroad yard below, earning him tons of vendetta from the Cuneo family.

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