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Dennis Lorenzo
Biographical Information
Aliases Crespo
Gender Male
Born January 2, 1980
Koreatown, New Jersey
Died November 1, 2008
Koreatown, New Jersey
Affiliation Vagos Spanish Lords
Title(s) Enforcer
Dennis "Crespo" Lorenzo was a Puerto Rican gangster who was a member of the Spanish Lords gang, and was killed in 2008.

Biography Edit

Lorenzo was born in Korea Town, Jersey City, to Puerto Rican parents. He grew up in an area filled with North Korean, South Korean, Chinese, and Hispanic immigrants, and became involved in organized crime. He was called "Crespo" by his friends because of his long, curly hair, and was an enforcer for the Spanish Lords from the age of 18 under the name "Crespo". He was arrested in 2001 for arms trafficking, and had a picture on the NYPD database.

Lorenzo was killed in 2008 by The Lost MC biker gang leader Johnny Klebitz. Klebitz had just killed Henrique Barriero, an associate of the Spanish Lords, so Lorenzo pulled out a PM63 from his jacket and attempted to murder Klebitz, who in turn shot him in the chest and right leg with a pistol, killing him.

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