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Deuces Wild

Nicky Zero, Crazy Mario, and Calogero Anello.

Deuces Wild was a gang of several Italian-American teenagers in The Bronx. In 1968, they began dealing guns, and beating on blacks, but they were eliminated by the blacks in a failed molotov attack.

History Edit

Deuces Wild was founded in the 1960s by Italian-American youths from New York City's The Bronx borough, by "Crazy" Mario. The gang had a profound anti-African sentiment. The gang began dealing guns in 1968, which led to mob boss Sonny LoSpecchio telling them to stop these activities, which might get them busted. After this, they were involved in the beating of several blacks who were peaceably riding down the street on bikes, and this led to Calogero losing his girlfriend Jane Williams, after he accidentally threw a racist insult at her brother, who thought that he was one of the assailants (he actually tried to stop the attack). They planned to get revenge for an egging of their hangout by blacks, with Molotovs, but Calogero was pulled out of the car by Sonny, who wanted to apologize to him for beating him after he believed that he tried to assassinate him. The gang did a drive-by, and threw molotovs at the store where the blacks hung out, but a black man threw a molotov that did not ignite back into the gang's car, turning it into an oven. The car blew up and the people roasted inside, and police cars arrived at the scene to look at the dead bodies.

Members Edit

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