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Not to be confused with the Diaz Brothers.

Diaz's henchmen

Diaz's henchmen at his mansion

The Diaz Gang was a Colombian-American criminal organization based in Miami, Florida. Led by Ricardo Diaz, the gang was the strongest gang in Miami in 1986, but it was later wiped out by their former associate Tommy Vercetti after he discovered their involvement in an ambush of a drug deal in which he lost his boss Sonny Forelli's money and Victor Vance's drugs. The Diaz Gang was allies with Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez's crew, the Vance crime family (1984-86), Los Cabrones, and Tommy Vercetti (at first), while they were enemies with the Mendez Cartel, Poulet Gang, Streetwannabes, and the Vercetti Gang (later in 1986).

History Edit

Ricardo Diaz

Ricardo Diaz

The Diaz Gang was founded sometime in the 1970s by Ricardo Diaz, an immigrant from Colombia. The gang was based out of Diaz's mansion on Starfish Island in Miami, Florida, which he purchased with money that he gained through selling cocaine, the way that many immigrant Hispanic gangs in the city made their money. The Diaz Gang assisted the Vance crime family in destroying the rival Mendez Brothers in 1984, but in 1986, they killed boss Victor Vance at a drug deal at the docks of Miami and also killed a few members of the Forelli crime family sent to deal with him. The only survivors were Tommy Vercetti and his mob lawyer Ken Rosenberg on the Forelli side and Lance Vance on the Vance family side. Lance and Tommy later teamed up to investigate the ambush, but Tommy worked for Diaz after being introduced to him by Diaz's partner Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, not knowing his role in the ambush. Tommy helped him hold off the Haitian Poulet Gang when they attacked him at a deal with the Cuban Los Cabrones gang in Ocean Beach and also reclaimed money stolen from him by the Streetwannabes gang. Vercetti became rich serving under him, but he later found out that he was behind the ambush. Tommy killed Ricardo Diaz and took over his estate, and his gang either joined Tommy's new Vercetti Gang or went defunct.

Members Edit

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