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Russian Capo
Dimitri Tulapov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 5, 1969
Mozhaisk, Russia
Died May 25, 2008
Hatton Gardens, New York City
Affiliation Russian Mafia Rascalov crime family
Title(s) Capo
Dimitri Tulapov was a Russian mobster who was affiliated with Dimitri Rascalov's crime syndicate. In 1990, he moved to America with the Rascalov crime family, and worked as a Capo until his death by gunshot wounds in 2008.

Biography Edit

Tulapov was born at Mozhaisk in the Soviet Union, to two working-class parents. His grandfather was killed in the Great Purge of 1939. He became involved with the Russian Underground, and moved to America in 1990 with the Rascalov crime family, the gang that he was affiliated with. Once there, he established a Chop Shop crime ring in Hatton Gardens, New York City. Tulapov became a Capo, the right-hand man of Dimitri Rascalov. He ran operations in the neighborhood, and was arrested in 2000 on charges of murdering Ancelotti crime family soldier Mickey Lazarelli. In 2005, he was released on parole, and in 2007, he regained full freedom. The next year, he resumed crime operations until his entourage of three cars was intercepted and shot at by The Lost MC biker gang, and he was gunned down, and his cash stolen by Lost MC leader Johnny Klebitz.

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