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Domenico Mazza
Domenico Mazza
Biographical Information
Aliases Dom
Gender Male
Born January 31, 1912
Mistretta, Sicily, Italy
Died April 18, 1954
Bryant Park, NYC
Affiliation Barzini Barzini
Title(s) Consigliere

Domenico Mazza born as Alexander Mazzero was a Sicilian born-American mobster and the consigliere of the powerful Barzini crime family. Mazza was very close to the Barzini family, because he is oldest and adopted son of Emilio Barzini, Sr. being considered a part of the immediate family, and was godfather of Emilio Barzini, Jr.. In 1954, he was killed in a drive-by shooting, and at his funeral, Emilio Barzini, Jr. was also killed.

Biography Edit

Domenico Mazza was born and raised in the Sicilian town of Mistretta, but he moved out in 1916. adopted son of Emilio Barzini, Sr.. He settled with his family in Midtown, where he is son of Emilio Barzini, Sr.. he is formerly apprentice of Paul Fortunato, a future Capo. In 1934, when Fortunato joined the Barzini family, and he became his apprentice, who was a lawyer this tame, become consigliere to his adopted father Emilio Barzini, Sr.. Thus, he was responsible for keeping Barzinis out of prison and winning over several politicians from the Corleone crime family. In 1946, when the Five Families War broke out, Mazza joined up with the other Five Families and made an offensive, both politically and physically. It was Mazza who sentenced Barzini Capo Big Bobby Toro to five years in prison at Riker's Island, in order to keep him safe, and it was him who dispatched Barzini Capo Pietro Testa to buy police protection from the Midtown Police Chief, resulting in both of their deaths at the hands of Corleone hitman Aldo Trapani.

Death Edit

In 1954, after the deaths of Toro and Testa, he decided to take a walk in public, hoping for it to be safer where there were tons of people. It was then that a black car pulled up to the park in which he was walking in, and a hitman opened the window, opening fire on him with a shotgun. Domenico Mazza was shot five times, and died on the scene. The NYPD arrived shortly after, closing down the park until the body was disposed of and the Corleones escaped in a getaway shootout.