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Emilio Pasquale
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born September 16, 1919
Brooklyn, NYC
Died August 1, 1955
Little Italy, NYC
Affiliation Barzini Barzini crime family
Title(s) Enforcer
Emilio Pasquale was an American mafioso and an enforcer for the Sicilian Mafia's Barzini crime family, being one of the highest-ranking ones in the organization in 1955. On August 1, 1955, he and fellow enforcer Butch DiMaggio were killed while they were eating in a Little Italy restaurant on Mulberry Street.

Biography Edit

Born in the dirty neighborhoods of Italian Brooklyn near the waterfront, Pasquale had seen everything a mobster could see. His parents were murdered in a robbery, so he joined the Italian Mafia to make ends meet when he ran out of cash. He was originally an outsider in the Maranzano crime family, murdering rival hoods to make a living, but in 1939 was accepted to the Barzini crime family instead, six years after Salvatore Maranzano, the Boss of the Maranzano Empire, was gunned down in a mob war. Pasquale became a trusted enforcer for the family after gunning down two NYPD officers in a scuffle near the French Hospital in Little Italy when the cops gave him a ticket after he left the hospital, visiting a dying cousin.

In 1946, Pasquale was tangled up with the Five Families War all across Manhattan from 1946 to 1955, juggling the roles of enforcer and front boss for the businesses opened up in Hell's Kitchen. He was responsible for the murder of five Corleone shooters near the Chateau Toledo in Midtown, which made him a marked man.

On August 1, 1955, the same day as the "Baptism of Fire" (where Don Emilio Barzini and the other Five Families dons were killed), Don Michael Corleone of the opposing Corleone crime family arranged his assassination. Pasquale was eating out at a restaurant with fellow enforcer Andrew DiMaggio on Mulberry Street in Little Italy when Corleone gunmen shot the two men several times through the windows, killing them as they were peaceably picking their teeth at dinner. Both died before the ambulance arrived, and Corleone associate Sally Rags was tried (and acquitted) for the murder of the two Barzinis.

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