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Esteban Ortiz
Biographical Information
Aliases "Steven Orde"
Gender Male
Born January 2, 1913
Havana, Cuba
Died January 19, 1960
Ciudad Vieja, Havana
Affiliation Almeida Almeida crime family
Title(s) Enforcer
Esteban Luis Ortiz was a Cuban-American gangster who was affiliated with the Almeida crime family. He changed his name to Steven Orde so that he could cover up his tracks when he fled to America after the Cuban Revolution, pretending to be an American doctor in Havana. He was murdered in Havana during the Almeida War of 1959-1960.

Biography Edit

Ortiz was born in 1913 in La Habana, Cuba, to Miguel Ortiz, a Spanish-American War veteran, and Luisa Fernandez, a farmer. Ortiz was born in the slums, and his father and mother died when he was young. He became involved with the Almeida crime family in 1953 when it was founded, after being involved in the Habana Syndicate, a Cuban crime family run by Raul Saavedra. The Habana Syndicate was rich, and he inherited all of the money after Saavedra was murdered. He became an enforcer, running Corazon de Oro for the mob. In 1960, Dominic's Trapani crime family began taking over Cuba, and they assassinated Ortiz when they took over the racket. Dominic, using a Modified AK-47, filled him with bullets. His dead body was put in a car, driven to Battaglia Cement Factory by soldier Albert Credi, and his body was thrown into a vat of cement, and it was only found in 1978 by Cuban police.

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