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Jamaican Mafia
Evil Enhan
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 10, 1960
Spanish Town, Jamaica
Died December 20, 2008
Hell's Kitchen, New York City
Affiliation GSF Hillside Posse
Title(s) Associate
John "Evil Enhan" Edwardson was a Jamaican gangster who was an affiliate of the Hillside Posse, who was born in Spanishtown, Jamaica, but moved to Hell's Kitchen when he grew up. Edwardson was murdered in 2008 by The Lost MC, rivals of the Hop-Scotch Mafia.

History Edit

Evil Enhan was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a neighborhood with a high crime rate. Enhan's parents were members of the Rastafarian movement, and moved to New York City when he was thirteen; they could not afford to bring him with them. In 1979, Edwardson came to Hell's Kitchen on a barge, landing at the harbor on 44th Street, and lived in an apartment there. He became involved with the Jamaican Mafia and soon became the head of a crew of around 30 Hillside Posse enforcers by 2008.

On December 20, 2008, a shootout between The Lost MC and the Hillside Posse occured in Hell's Kitchen, on a highway next to a parking garage. Edwardson was killed by a .50 caliber bullet fired from a sniper rifle, but his crew members fought hard, and three vans arrived, packed with more HSM gangsters. All of Evil Enhan's Crew arrived and killed all of the bikers, but Enhan had perished.

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