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The Fanelli crime family is an organized crime syndicate of the Sicilian Mafia that held territory in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1942 by Fuscolo Fanelli, and is currently led by Rolfo Marone. The organization was allied to the Sindacco crime family and Leone crime family, while it was enemies with the San Francisco Triads, Sokolov crime family, and Buteyko's Gang. In 1992, its boss Zeno Aliano was murdered at the peak of their power, and the family lost its influence in Las Vegas, but maintained some territories in Los Angeles among the various gangs. Afterwards, the Grove Street Families took over the turf they had in L.A., and they were reduced to a mere gang.

History Edit

Fuscolo Fanelli was a Sicilian immigrant who moved to Los Angeles in 1930 to pursue a criminal career. The family was founded in 1942 after Fanelli had extroted a few protection rackets, and hired enforcers with the money he had gained from his fronts. Fanelli took over several businesses in Los Angeles, but moved with his family to San Francisco after his home was wrecked by Maxim Buteyko, who became rivals with him. Moving could not shake off his enemies, as the Triads made enemies with him as soon as he arrived; they did not want to lose their turf. Fanelli fought them until he died in 1973, and his successor Alano Morici took over the family. Morici was killed by unidentified hitmen, possibly sent by his Caporegime Zeno Aliano, in 1982, and he proceeded to take over the organization. Aliano was in turn killed by the Triads, and the Leone crime family took over his investments in Las Vegas casinos. The Fanelli Family lost all of their areas in Vegas and L.A. by 1992, and are currently a small organization, led by Rolfo Marone.

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