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Won Chung
Biographical Information
Aliases "Fat"
Gender Male
Born August 2, 1970
Chinatown, New York City
Died November 1, 2008
Chinatown, New York City
Affiliation Jaoming Triad
Title(s) Enforcer
Fat Chung was a Chinese Triad who was a member of the Jaoming Triad, an enforcer. In 2008, he was killed by Luis Fernando Lopez.

Biography Edit

Chung was born to Chinese immigrant parents who came from Macau in 1951. Chung grew up in Chinatown with many Chinese immigrants, and spoke English only as a second language. Since his family ran a Dim Sum restaurant, he became quite overweight, earning the nickname "Fat", and that became his first name. Fat Chung joined the Jaoming Triad in 1995, hoping to make some money on the side, and became an enforcer who hung out near a gun smuggling business, a basement apartment ran by Antonio DeFalco. Fat Chung was supplied by DeFalco until one night, when Ancelotti associate Luis Fernando Lopez shot DeFalco in his basement after purchasing some body armor. Chung tried to put him down with an M1911 handgun, but he was shot in the chest many times, then shot through his glasses as he lay, dying (his excess body weight reduced the impact of the bullets).

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