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Luccio Ammani
Biographical Information
Aliases "Fat Luke"
Gender Male
Born January 20, 1961
Brolo, Sicily
Died August 20, 2008
Triboro, Queens
Affiliation Mafia Pegorino Family
Title(s) Soldier
Luccio "Fat Luke" Ammani was a Sicilian immigrant to America who became associated with the Pegorino crime syndicate and rose to the rank of Soldier under Ray Boccino. In August 2008, Ammani was murdered by Johnny Klebitz, a Jewish gangster who was the leader of The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Ammani was born in Brolo, a port city in northern Sicily, to two goat-herders. Ammani's parents moved to the United States in 1965, since they wanted to make a new life for themselves, due to economic crises in Italy. Ammani learned English as his first language, with Italian as his second. Ammani was educated in public school, where he was made fun of by the Irish children, as in Queens, there were many Irish immigrants and fewer Italians. Lucky for him, his father, Rocco, had connections with the Pegorino crime family, due to being employed as a driver, and Ammani hung out with mobsters at family events, birthdays, holidays, football games, or just dinner parties. Ammani became obsessed with showing off that he was Italian and proud, so he joined the Italian Mafia and started boosting cars when he was fifteen. When he turned 25, he became an associate, and at the age of 30, he was a made man in the Mafia.

Ammani was assigned to the crew of Ray Boccino, a much younger yet ruthless mobster who had joined in 2001. Ammani was sent by the Pegorino family to bomb rival businesses, assassinate rivals, and to pick up the tributes from local shopkeepers, and cruised around Queens' Triboro neighborhood. In 2008, however, he was ambushed while driving over the Triboro Bridge by The Lost MC. The Lost Newark Chapter leader Johnny Klebitz shot up all of the black sedans in the convoy, and many enforcers were killed. Fat Luke said "cover my fat ass!", trying to take cover behind a sedan, but Klebitz killed him with a M4A1 Carbine.

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