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Faustin gunmen

The Faustin crime syndicate is a Russian crime syndicate of the Russian Mafia in New York City's Brooklyn neighborhood. It later goes by the name Rascalov crime syndicate, due to the Boss Dimitri Rascalov becoming the leader of a new syndicate in 2008 following his murder of Mikhail Faustin.

History Edit


Rascalov gunmen

Mikhail Faustin

Mikhail Faustin

Dimiuri Rascalov

Dimitri Rascalov

The organization was founded by Mikhail Faustin and Dimitri Rascalov in 1995 when Faustin's family moved to Brighton Beach in New York City, and Faustin built up a criminal empire involving Loan Sharking, Racketeering, Vehicle Hijacking, Armed Robbery, Extortion, Vandalism, Theft, Pornography, Alcohol, Drug Dealing, Kidnapping, Gambling, Good's Smuggling, and Human Trafficking, and Faustin became a cocaine user. Faustin was arrested in 1998 for extortion, 2002 for possession of stolen property, and 2005 for usage of a controlled substance: cocaine. Faustin's syndicate became a powerful crime syndicate, as his enforcer Vladimir Glebov killed or beat all of the people who did not pay their debts to the Mafia. However, his state of mind deteriorated due to drug use, and in 2008, he initiated a mob war with the Petrovic crime syndicate, the most powerful segment of the Russian Mafia in the United States. The Faustins killed Underboss Lenny Petrovic, the son of Kenny Petrovic, and they blew up Petrovic's garage. In response, Kenny Petrovic demanded that Faustin be murdered, or else both Rascalov and hired gun Nikolai Bellic would be assassinated. Bellic murdered Faustin at the Perestroika Cabaret, and thus evaded execution.

Rascalov took over the organization, renaming it the Rascalov crime syndicate, but he still controlled Brighton Beach and other territories in Brooklyn, plus neighborhoods in New Jersey and Manhattan. Rascalov became allies with Ray Bulgarin and the Bulgarin crime syndicate, and the Pegorino crime family, although he fought with the Jamaican Mafia, Triads, Korean Mafia, Spanish Lords, Torres Cartel, North Holland Hustlers, Uptown Riders, Northwood Dominican Gang, The Lost MC, the Angels of Death, the Petrovic crime family, Roman Bellic and Niko Bellic, and other gangs in New York City. Rascalov's Underboss Henryk Rozovsky was killed in November 2008 by the Lost MC Gang in Washington Heights, his limousine being ambushed by the motorcyclists, while other enforcers and associates were murdered across NYC and NJ.

His undoing came in December, when Nikolai Bellic got into a gunfight with Dimitri Rascalov and several Faustin enforcers on the Platypus, the cargo ship that Bellic boarded to come to America. Rascalov was executed with a gunshot to the head, and his ally Jimmy Pegorino was killed as well. The Rascalov organization passed down to Andriy Maximov, one of the few surviving enforcers.

Syndicate Edit

1995-2008 Edit

Boss: Mikhail Faustin

Underboss: Dimitri Rascalov

Debt Collecter: Vladimir Glebov

Boyeviki: Andriy Maximov, Pavlo Ogienko, and Sergei Bzowski

2008 Edit

Boss: Dimitri Rascalov

Underboss: Henryk Rozovsky

Soldier: Pyotr Orlovsky, Dyogtin Vaniamin, Boris Mozarov, Slava Lapidus, and Kliment Morov

Enforcer: Jaro Kosovic, Josef Petrenko, Mikhail Molotovsky, Boris Stepanov, Afanasy Kamenskikh, Yermola Kuklev, and Roman Yulov