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Richardio DeBellis (Right)
Biographical Information
Aliases Federico Pagalo
Gender Male
Born November 8, 1917
Hell's Kitchen, New York City
Died December 20, 1955
Little Italy, New York City
Affiliation Cuneo Cuneo
Pagalo Crew
Title(s) Soldier

Federico Pagalo born as Richardio DeBellis was the Soldier for the Cuneo crime family in 1955 and he was son of brother of Mario DeBellis. Pagalo was killed in 1955 by the Aldo Trapani.

Biography Edit

Richardio DeBellis was born in Hell's Kitchen in an Italian-American neighborhood to two Sicilian immigrants but later he changed his name and surname as Federico Pagalo. Pagalo was an Soldier for the Cuneo Family during most of the Five Families War, and in 1947, following the death of his paternal uncle Mario DeBellis, he was promoted a Soldier, controlling the DeBellis Crew in Little Italy. Carmine Cuneo ordered and Federico Pagalo was managed to kill Aldo Trapani, in response to the murder of Dante Luchetto. Pagalo was shot three times by Trapani when he attempted to perform a drive-by on him on Murray Street, three bullets piercing him as he exited his gray car but he is not alive he is deceased in his car.

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