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Fifth Cuneo War
New York 1945
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1955
Place: Hell's Kitchen and New Jersey
Outcome: Corleone victory

Trapani Trapani crime family

Cuneo Cuneo crime family


Aldo Trapani
Peter Clemenza
Angelo Gatto

Marco Cuneo
Luciano Fabbri


5 men

20 men


3 men

all men

The Fifth Cuneo War was a mob war between the Cuneo crime family and Corleone crime family in 1955, caused by the death of Luciano Fabbri. It ended with the bribery of FBI Agent Rory Sheehy to put pressure on the Cuneos.

War Edit

Ever since the Fourth Cuneo War, only a fragile peace was held. The Cuneo family's consigliere Luciano Fabbri prepared for war once more, but the Corleones struck preemptively, Capo Peter Clemenza organizing a hit on Fabbri as he peacably ate hot dogs in Hell's Kitchen. This began a mob war, as Underboss Marco Cuneo sent his men out on drive-by missions. They bombed Primola, Johnny Conger's, and various other businesses, until Marco Cuneo died by accidentally falling into a railroad yard from 100 feet. Then, Aldo Trapani, the organizer of these assassinations, fled to New Jersey and bribed an FBI Agent to end the war.

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