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First Ancelotti-Spanish Lords Drug War
Gang War
Conflict: Drug Wars
Date: September 15, 2008
Place: Port Morris, New York City
Outcome: Ancelotti victory

Ancelotti crime family:
*Lopez Cartel

Spanish Lords


Luis Lopez



3 men

4 men



4 killed

The First Ancelotti-Spanish Lords Drug War was a drug war between the Ancelotti crime family and the Spanish Lords in which Luis Lopez, Henrique Bardas, and Armando Torres stole a Maverick helicopter loaded with drugs.

War Edit

Luis Lopez and his friends drove in a Calvacade van to Port Morris, where a helicopter loaded with drugs was preparing to take off. Lopez, Torres, and Bardas killed all four of the Spanish Lords gangsters in a firefight in the oil yard, filled with red oil containers, and got into the helicopter, flying it to a drop-off at Washington Heights, where they were paid by the drug dealers.

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