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First Lost MC-Albanian War
Gang War
Conflict: Gang wars
Date: December 1, 2008
Place: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Outcome: Lost MC victory

The Lost MC

Albanian Mob Albanian Mafia


Johnny Klebitz



7 bikers

30 mobsters


a few killed/wounded

a few killed

The First Lost MC-Albanian War was a gang war between the Albanians and The Lost MC that occured on December 1, 2008, in Park Slopes, Brooklyn. Johnny Klebitz, the leader of The Lost MC, gathered with other brothers and killed many of the Albanian gangsters, who were riding in a convoy, but were eventually killed off.

Battle Edit

Johnny Klebitz, Clay Simons, and Terry Thorpe rounded up a group of seven Lost MC brothers in Jackson Heights, Queens, and rode to Park Slopes, Brooklyn, where they attacked a convoy of cruising Albanians Mafiosi, and opened fire. The Albanians lost quite a few of their members, but reinforcements arrived and killed all of the bikers.

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