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First Lost MC-Pegorino War
Gang War
Conflict: Mob Wars
Date: September 26, 2008
Place: Wakefield, The Bronx, New York City
Outcome: Lost MC victory

The Lost MC

Pegorino crime family


Johnny Klebitz

Ray Boccino


7 bikers

25 gangsters


one killed

all killed

The First Lost MC-Pegorino War was a gang war between the Pegorino crime family and The Lost MC that took place in Wakefield, The Bronx, in September 2008. The Lost MC killed all of the Italian Mobsters, winning the war.

War Edit

The Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz and his posse of Clay Simons, Jim Fitzgerald, Terry Thorpe, and three other bikers rode from Port Morris to Wakefield, intent on educating the Italian Mafia. Around 16:00, a firefight opened at the pier of Wakefield between the Italians and bikers, and Mafia reinforcements came in on cars. Klebitz used a sniper rifle to kill several of the Mafiosi, before shooting out with the rest of them using a Carbine. The NYPD arrived to investigate, and a three-way battle began. The NYPD exterminated the Italians, and the bikers fled them, escaping the police and finishing the war.

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