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Frank Carbone
Frank Carbone
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 14, 1941
Queens, New York City
Died July 18, 1984
Brooklyn, New York City
Affiliation Lucchese crime family
Title(s) Associate
Frank Carbone was a Lucchese associate and hitman who was most famous for his role in the Lufthansa Heist. He was murdered five years later by fellow mobsters.

Biography Edit

Frank Carbone dead

Frank Carbone whacked

Frank Carbone was born in Queens to Italian-American parents, and joined the Lucchese family in 1977 to be with his friend Tommy DeVito. He was not well-liked by the other members of Capo Paul Cicero's crew, as he was violent, a heroin overdoser and a "young and crazy" man as fellow associate Henry Hill described him. He listened to rock n' roll and disco, and was a frequenter of The Bamboo Lounge and Robert's Lounge. He was the one to carry out the murders of black mobster Parnell Edwards, Jew mobster Morrie Kessler, Johnny Roastbeef, and Paolo LiCastri, whom he savagely burnt do death after riddling him with bullets. He participated in the Lufthansa Heist, and was one of the targets of the Lucchese family purge afterwards, as he bought an expensive coat for his wife, which would attract too much attention to him. Carbone was killed, and hung up in his own meat locker, by Jimmy Conway's men, who wanted to kill all of the untrusted members of the Lufthansa Heist, as they would get greedy after they found out how much money was stolen. He was frozen so thick that it took two days to thaw him out for his autopsy.

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