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Franklin Credi
Franklin Credi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 15, 1927
Triboro, Queens
Died February 16, 1959
Astoria, Queens
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato's Family
Title(s) Soldier
Franklin Credi was an Italian-American mobster who was a made man in Carmine Rosato's organization. In 1959, he was murdered in the mob war between the Corleone crime family and the Carmine Rosato Gang, strangled to death.

Biography Edit

Credi was born in Triboro, Queens, to a Sicilian family. Credi was a compulsive gambler when he grew up, and never rolled snake eyes his entire life. He became acquainted with Wayne Ferrara, another gambler who soon became an associate of the Corleone crime family. Credi was initiated into Carmine Rosato's organization in 1959 when he separated from the Corleones, and made his hangout at the New York Federal Building's parking lot.

On February 15, 1959, Corleone Capo Dominic made it clear that he was putting a hit out on Credi. He gathered intelligence from Ferrara in exchange for beating down his father (who was beating his mother), and Ferrara revealed Credi's hideaway. The Carmine Rosato Soldier was fixing the wheel of his car when Dominic and his soldiers Bill Bardi and Jimmy Lira entered the lot. Credi did not notice, and was strangulated with Dominic's bare hands, and his neck was snapped afterwards.

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