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Franz Wisneski
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 18, 1950
Jersey City, New Jersey
Died April 2, 1982
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Affiliation Kielbasa Posse
Title(s) Enforcer
Franz Wisneski was an American mobster of Polish origin from Jersey City, New Jersey. He was a feared enforcer of the "Kielbasa Posse", a vicious street gang of Polish-American people. He murdered Konstantin Kaba, who was an associate of the Karadjordje crime family, which was an Albanian crime family. In return, in 1982 he was murdered.

Biography Edit

Franz Winsneski was born to Peter and Sophia Wisneski, two Jersey City residents. Wisneski's father was all Polish, and his mother (nee Alten) was German-American. Wisneski was a high-school dropout who got bad grades, and beat up five students who were of Italian descent. In 1968, his family and him moved to Philadelphia, where they thought that it would be safer for him and would get him a new start at a new college and school. Around this time, he met Stan Tuchevsky, an associate of the "Kielbasa Posse", which was a Polish-descended criminal organization that had roots back home in Poland. Wisneski was approached by members of the gang, and was initiated into the family after helping to commit a robbery from a bank on the north side. Wisneski became not just a gunman, but the chauffeur for Tuchevsky, who became his mentor and friend. In 1976, Tuchevsky was murdered by an Albanian gang, so Wisneski was promoted to become an enforcer rather than just an outsider. Wisneski was responsible for the deaths of 11 Albanians on the east side of Philly, turning it into a violent wasteland.

In 1981 he tracked down Konstantin Kaba, an Albanian gangster who was responsible for the death of Tuchevsky. Wisneski threw him off a highway overpass, getting his revenge. The story "Downfall of a Mobster" in the papers made international headlines, as Kaba was a great member of the Karadjordje family and had connections in Greece. Wisneski was interned at the Philadelphia Police Station for this crime, and was detained for one month, when he was released, leading to his death.

Wisneski was released on April 1, and as he was leaving the police station, renowned Albanian gunman Peter Milosevic shot him five times in the chest, hitting him in the neck twice. Wisneski was confined to the hospital, where he was informed that Milosevic was neutralized. Wisneski died, his last words reportedly being, "the bastard {Milosevic} deserved it". He was buried in the private cemetery behind Jan Stanislowsky's mansion.

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