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Frederick Keinszig
Frederick Keinszig
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 28, 1925
Luzern, Switzerland
Died April 2, 1980
Frederick Keinszig was a Swiss banker and the chairman of the committee deciding if Immobiliare would be safe in the hands of Michael Corleone in 1979. On March 27, 1980, he disappeared from the public eye with a large sum of money, but was found out and murdered.

Biography Edit

Death of Frederick Keinszig

Frederick Keinszig's corpse.

Keinszig was born to a large and wealthy family in Luzern, Switzerland, and he became a banker and an accountant. He was nicknamed "God's Banker", and worked with the Vatican Bank. He was a part of a conspiracy to spam former mob boss Michael Corleone into paying millions of dollars, almost $600 million, to political strongmen, by constantly delaying the approval of the deal to give him Immobiliare monopoly, harping on the health of Pope Paul VI. When he died, they succeeded, taking all of the money for themselves. Soon, Keinszig disappeared with tons of money and important documents, but Don Vincent Corleone ordered his murder. Corleone's men smothered him with a pillow and hung him, making it look like a suicide.

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