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Moose Mangano
Frederico Mangano
Biographical Information
Aliases Moose
Gender Male
Affiliation Mangano Mangano crime family
Tattaglia Tattaglia crime family
Trapani Corleone crime family
Title(s) Associate

Frederico "Moose" Mangano was an Italian-American racketeer who was an associate of the Mangano crime family

Biography Edit

Mangano was the nephew of Sicilian Mafiosi Samuele Mangano and was sent to Hell's Kitchen to gain a foothold in the United States for his uncle's clan, the Mangano crime family. Mangano fell in with the Tattaglia crime family and was responsible for the extortion of Poppy's - Westside in Hell's Kitchen, and became the racket boss, managing a counterfeiting racket. He was a brutal enforcer as well, making the people always say "Don't mess with the Moose". In 1945, he was met in the basement by Corleone enforcer Aldo Trapani, who gunned down all of the Tattaglia enforcers. He beat Mangano until he acquiesced with his demands, and Mangano informed his uncle on the strength of the Corleones, so Samuele started making deals with the Corleones when he arrived in the USA in 1959. After the fall of the Mangano crime family in 1960, he immigrated back to Sicily and stayed there. Son of Richard Mangano

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