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Fuscolo Fanelli
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born October 17, 1904
Monreale, Sicily
Died February 12, 1973
San Francisco, United States
Affiliation Mafia Fanelli
Title(s) Don
Fuscolo Fanelli was a Sicilian mobster who was the founder and boss (1942-1973) of the Fanelli crime family. He was a powerful and respected man in his later years, and he was also the leader of a great organized crime syndicate.

Biography Edit

Fanelli was born in Monreale, a town near Palermo, in Sicily, to a goatherder and the daughter of the mayor. Fanelli immigrated to the United States in 1930 to pursue a criminal career after hearing of the exploits of Al Capone and Vito Genovese. Fanelli founded the Fanelli crime family after he extorted several businesses, and he took over much of Los Angeles from the rival families. He made enemies with Maxim Buteyko, a fellow racketeer who had his own gang, which took over several businesses as well. Buteyko wrecked Fanelli's home in 1945, and he moved to San Francisco with his family. He fought the San Francisco Triads, Russian Mafia, and Buteyko, who pursued his archenemy to San Francisco. Fanelli killed Buteyko in an attack on his own home, and took over most of the city.

He raised his own family in the meanwhile, giving control of the family to Underboss Alano Morici in his autumn years. When he passed away in 1973, he left behind his children Gautiero, 28; Maria Anabella, 26, and Ottaviano, 21. Fanelli was succeeded by Morici after his death.

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