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Galeazzo Anzivino
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 15, 1971
Hudson County, New Jersey
Died December 10, 2008
Lodi, New Jersey
Affiliation Pegorino crime family
Title(s) Soldier
Galeazzo Anzivino was an American gangster who was a soldier in the Sergi Crew of the Pegorino crime family. Anzivino was killed in a firefight with The Lost MC in 2008 in Lodi, New Jersey, in a trash heap.

Biography Edit

Anzivino was born to a family of Sicilian heritage, so when he joined the Pegorino crime family, he had a chance of being initiated into the Italian Mafia. Anzivino became a Soldier in 2001, and he took part in the turf wars against The Lost MC, Hillside Posse, and Angels of Death, so in retaliation, a crew of bikers led by Johnny Klebitz rode to the trash heap next to the Honkers strip club, killing Anzivino and every other mobster.

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