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Gary DeSimone
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 14, 1984
Meadows Park, Queens
Died December 2, 2008
Long Island City, Long Island
Affiliation Mafia Lupisella
Title(s) Associate
Gary DeSimone was an Italian-American mobster who was associated with the Lupisella crime family. DeSimone was murdered in Long Island City in 2008.

Biography Edit

DeSimone was born in 1984 in Meadows Park, Flushing, Queens, to a family of Sicilian heritage. DeSimone was raised in a predominantly Jewish and Italian neighborhood which had a group of criminals, the Meadow Hills Mob, as the overlords there. DeSimone had several Jewish friends who were associated with the Jewish Mafia, and he considered having a job for them, but instead, his family moved to Brooklyn, where he became affiliated with the Lupisella crime family. As a Lupisella enforcer, he was responsible for several hits, and was arrested in 2005 for extortion. DeSimone was released for good behavior, and resumed his mob activities.

DeSimone was cruising around Long Island City on December 2, 2008, around midnight, when his crew was ambushed by The Lost MC, a rival biker gang. The Lost killed DeSimone, who was inside a black Sedan, and his crew were gunned down to the last man.

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