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Gaspar Gomez
Gaspar Gomez
Biographical Information
Aliases The Haza
Gender Male
Born 1936
Mexico City, Mexico
Died 1983
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Affiliation Gomez Cartel
Title(s) Boss
Gaspar "the Haza" Gomez was a Miami drug lord and leader of the Gomez Cartel in the 1970s and 1980s. Gomez was the owner of North Beach and South Beach turfs and was a fierce rival of Tony Montana until his death in 1983 in a shootout while he was meeting with Alejandro Sosa and George Sheffield in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Biography Edit

Gomez was a Mexican from Mexico City who was born in absolute poverty. However, when he moved to Miami he created his own drug empire that dealt with cocaine and Gomez became a strong cartel leader, respected by the boss of the Miami crime scene, Frank Lopez, who was respected by almost all of the bosses, apart from the Diaz Bros. Gomez took advantage of Tony Montana's (Lopez's succesor) disappearance in late 1983 to take over all of his former fronts and allied with Alejandro Sosa, the Diaz Brothers, and Nacho Contreras. Montana attempted to kill him at La Normandie, the Downtown Miami penthouse that he owned, but he was not there and killed his chief of security and all of the men there instead. Montana took Gomez's satellite phone and an armored car with $50,000 from Gomez, who was infuriated at him when he got the phone bill instead of Montana. 

Downfall Edit

Gaspar Gomez death

Gomez dying

By early 1984 Gaspar's turf had been conquered by the Montana Cartel, who allied with the Sandman's Cartel on Lobster's Cay, and as a favor for Montana, Sandman aided him in killing Contreras. Gaspar attempted to meet with Alejandro Sosa, Montana's chief rival, at his mansion in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with Tony Montana's former lawyer George Sheffield, but the meeting was raided by Montana, armed to the teeth.

Gomez's guards were all gunned down and Gomez was also shot at, collapsing to the floor. He attempted to crawl away, but ended up succumbing to his wounds.