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Gautiero Sergi
Biographical Information
Aliases G. Sarge
Gender Male
Born June 29, 1964
North Bergen, New Jersey
Died December 10, 2008
Lodi, New Jersey
Affiliation Pegorino crime family
Title(s) Capo
Gautiero Sergi was an Italian-American gangster who was a Caporegime in the Pegorino crime family, ruling over their Lodi turf. The Pegorinos were enemies of The Lost MC, so he was killed by The Lost in an attack on his hideout.

Biography Edit

Sergi was born in North Bergen to a family of Sicilian lineage. Gautiero joined the Italian Mafia as a young hood, carrying out hits for Don Jimmy Pegorino. Sergi became a Capo, the right-hand man of Don Pegorino, in 2000, and was the commander of a crew that included Galeazzo Anzivino, Generoso Puccini, and Endrigo Candido, three vile soldiers. He oversaw the turf wars against The Lost MC, Hillside Posse, and Angels of Death, rivals who fought for control over northern New Jersey's waterfront with New York City. Sergi hung out in a trash pile next to Honkers, a gentlemens' club, where he was attacked by bikers led by Johnny Klebitz in December 2008. Sergi was gunned down, and his crew was exterminated.

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