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Korean Don
The Ginger Street Khangpae are a South Korean mafia in Los Angeles. The South Korean mafia is well known for its proficient martial arts skills, ruthless extortion, and loan sharking tactics. Since the early 2000s, the South Korean entertainment industry has regularly popularized the South Korean mafia, through films and television. The Khangpae, also known as the Korean Mob, are based in the Little Seoul district of LA, and take part in arms trafficking, human trafficking, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, assault, extortion, fraud, identity document forgery, illegal immigration, larceny, murder, prostitution, racketeering, money laundering, and bribery.

Khangpae HistoryEdit


Korean gangsters in Little Seoul, 2013

The gang was founded by George Lin in 1979 when Park Chung-hee was assassinated, and his family fled Korea for a better life in the USA. Lin hung around the ghettos of Little Seoul where his family moved, and eventually created a gang of men that would become his Caporegimes. He founded the gang on Ginger Street near the car wash where he worked, and the gang worked with drugs in the back streets and prostitution in the strip clubs. They have also been known to assist human trafficking into the USA through the Port of Los Angeles under Yeonpyeong Freight Co, and they are also responsible for guns that were smuggled into LA.

Khangpae gangsters

In the 1980s, the Korean Mob controlled the Little Seoul neighborhood, although the Wei Cheng Triad eventually moved into the area and mob warfare broke out. The Khangpae and Triads, of Korea and China, were fierce rivals, while the Khangpae allied with the Yakuza. They established connections back in Seoul with other Mafias and also are known to work with the Vagos in drug dealing. However, they are hostile with the Grove Street Families and other gangs that move in on their turfs, and they defend them with muscle men armed with guns.

Unlike many gangs in the city of Los Angeles, the Khangpae have taken the form of a Mafia, with a boss and a chain-of-command similar to the Italian Mafia and the Russian Mafia, both of whom they are partners with. The Khangpae were under indictment in 2005 for credit card fraud and other charges such as internet burglaries, and have been known to do business discreetly. They have not been known to be aggressive in their murders, as they prefer to hang out with each other at the theresholds of their homes, or on the staircases. Mainly a peaceful Mafia, they tend to steal money without murder.

Members Edit

Don: George Lin

Consigliere: Wang Fu-Kuang

Underboss: Thomas Lin

Caporegimes: George Chong, Soo-han Yin, and Fu Ryong-han

Soldiers: Sun Shang-yong, Su Yeong-su, Chuang Kuang, Myin Han-kong, Jeong Shin, and James Wyong

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