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Gino Boccio
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 12, 1968
Las Vegas, America
Died March 20, 1992
Los Angeles, America
Affiliation Leone Leone Family
Title(s) Associate
Gino Boccio was an Italian-American mobster who was an associate of the Leone crime family. In 1992, Boccio was sent to talk to Carl Johnson, a gangster who owed money to Andrew Lancelot. Boccio, Rocco Genovese, and Jesse Atlanta arrived at a Ganton parking lot, where Johnson was told to meet them. Boccio, Genovese, and Atlanta pulled out firearms and attempted to murder Johnson, but C.J. killed Genovese and Atlanta with a TEC-9, and slammed a car trunk onto Boccio's head as it was inside the trunk.

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