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FBI Agent
Gino Cenni
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 15, 1908
Staten Island, New York
Died August 1, 1987
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation FBI
Title(s) FBI Agent
Gino Cenni was an FBI Agent. He was used by the Corleone crime family to build a case against the Barzini crime family following the murder of Giovanni Armanno in 1955.

Biography Edit

Gino Cenni was born in Staten Island, New York, to Italian immigrants. Cenni became an FBI Agent in 1930, pursuing people who broke the Volstead Act. In 1945, he befriended Don Vito Corleone, a crime lord from Little Italy, and became one of many public officials in his pocket. Cenni built a case against the Barzini crime family in 1955, and was used by the Corleones as a person who could erase Barzinis from the USA. When he threatened extradition of Barzini Capo Giovanni Armanno to the USA, Armanno kidnapped him and held him hostage in the cellar of St. George's Church in New Jersey. On July 15, 1955, the Corleones conspired with the government to free the agent. Corleone Capo Aldo Trapani shot Giovanni in the head, leaving Cenni untouched. Cenni was thus able to build a case against the Barzini family, ending the mob war that resulted after Armanno's death.