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Stracci enforcer
Gino Diovecchio
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 19, 1915
Newark, New Jersey
Died November 8, 1955
Hoboken, New Jersey
Affiliation Stracci Stracci
Title(s) Associate
Gino Diovecchio was an Italian-American mobster of the Stracci crime family, a so-called "Cosa Nostra" family that was from New Jersey. Diovecchio was a brutal enforcer for the Stracci before he was made an associate in the family, serving under Don Salvatore Stracci in 1955 until he died.

Biography Edit

Gino Diovecchio was the son of Italian immigrants from Sicily, who came to America in 1914. In 1915, they gave birth to Gino, who was born and raised in Newark. Diovecchio, belonging to a poor family and a poor neighborhood, joined the Italian Mafia, enlisting under local mob boss Leon Grossi. He worked alongside soldier Plinio Ottaviano in his line of work, beating up people for money and extorting businesses. He became a feared associate in the Straccis, even as the family collapsed. He worked under Salvatore Stracci after Don Victor Stracci died in 1955, and was the de facto captain of the Leon Grossi Regime.

In November, one of the strangest murders occured. Rival mobster Aldo Trapani needed a car, so as he was strolling down the streets, he hijacked Diovecchio's green car. Diovecchio got out and started beating him, but Trapani used a lead pipe to kill him. His body was put in a dumpster.

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