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Russian Underboss
Glenn Igorov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 8, 1930
Orsha, Russia
Died March 29, 1992
Los Angeles, America
Affiliation Russian Mafia Sokolov crime family
Title(s) Underboss
Glenn Igorov was a Russian mobster who was the Underboss of the Sokolov crime family, acting as the second-in-command to German Sokolov. Igorov moved to America in 1962, and established a construction crime ring that made him lots of money. Igorov was murdered in 1992 in Los Angeles by the Grove Street Families during the GSF-Ballas War of 1992.

Biography Edit

Igorov was born in Orsha, Russia, to two working-class parents. In 1941, his parents were killed by the Germans, and in 1962, after the war ended, and he came of age, he fled to America. There, he became involve in constrution and founded Igorov's Wood Stock Co., a construction crime ring that operated many sites that new foundations were built on in Los Angeles. He gained money by other means as well; he allowed German Sokolov, a Russian Mafia kingpin, to smuggle drugs from these sites from 1990 onwards; by then, he was a millionaire. In 1991, he was made the Underboss of the Sokolov crime family, and he was in charge of building the Sokolov Compound in The Attrium. Igorov also sold demolitions supplies to the gangs in Los Angeles, primarily the Ballas, allies of the Russians. In 1992, the Grove Street Families, enemies of the Ballas, ordered for him to be murdered, as he was supplying their arch-nemeses with bombs.

CJ Johnson, the main hitman of the GSF, headed to Igorov's Wood Stock Co., with a large arsenal in tow. He shot his way through the Russian hoodlums and reached Igorov, shooting him twice in the stomach. Igorov wandered to the balcony on the fifth floor of the construction site, and he fell off, making his death look like an accident.

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