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Granados coat of arms

The Granados crime family was a Mexican Mafia family that operated in Miami, Florida; Havana, Cuba; and New York City, New York in the 1950s. The Granados Mafia was named for Rico Granados, the former real estate magnate whose troubles turned him into a mob boss in Miami. The Granados family were strong in the city, with connections to the Mayor, the police, and union bosses, but were eliminated in a mob war in 1959-1960 by the Trapani crime family.Founded by Rico Granados

History Edit

Rico Granados mugshot

Rico Granados

The Granados Family was founded in the United States in the city of Miami by the wealthy casino owner Rico Granados, who had made connections with resorts in Havana through Hyman Roth. In 1957, Rico Granados formed his criminal empire with aid from Stanley Jimenez, and the two put down all rivals to their organization. Rico established a network of associates within the local government, including Lieutenant-Governor Robert Rizzo and police chief Wayne Reisdorf. With their base confirmed in Miami, the Granados rose to dominate the underworld and nightlife of the city.
Granados Compound

The Granados Compound is bombed

In 1958, Rico Granados made moves to cooperate with the Cuban Mafia and Italian Mafia in the hotel business. Hyman Roth brought the gangs together and promised them all a share of Cuba's casinos, but these plans were foiled when the Cuban government was overthrown and the rebels cut away Batista's support for organized crime. Granados blamed Roth for the disaster and kidnapped some of his associates and started a mob war in Miami the next year. Roth had a man named Dominic Corleone as his ally, so he invited him to help him out with some business in Miami, and Dominic freed Steven Ciccoricco after a shooting of several Granados enforcers. The Granados Family now faced two enemies: the Roth crime family, and the Corleone crime family.

The family was gradually weakened when Dominic took out their businesses and made men, preventing them from making moves on Corleone interests. Soon, they faced a new enemy in the Mangano crime family when they moved to the United States, and they fought over Cuba and Miami. Eventually, their power structure eroded, and they were eliminated when Dominic destroyed their compound in Miami with a bomb and killed Rico.

Some fragments of the Granados organization splintered off and founded their own gangs as of 1960, with some former members joining La Eme and other gangs around the area.

Family Edit

Don: Rico Granados

Consigliere: Nicanor Borromeo

Underboss: Stanley Jimenez

Capos: Theodore Ruiz, Johnny Salazar, Javier Jimenez, Barry Borromeo and Anthony Espinoza

Soldiers: Paul Morales, Thomas Ramos, Harry Reyes, Gerardo Granados and Bruce Rivera