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The Hangug-ui Mapia ("Mafia of Korea") was a criminal organization that was based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Mapia, as they were known in short, were allied to the Jopok and Korean Mob, and were enemies of The Lost MC, Lopez Cartel, and Lee Triad.

History Edit

The Hangug-ui Mapia were founded in 1953 by Wook Ki Song, a North Korean immigrant to the United States. Wook wanted to found his own version of the Sicilian Mafia, as the job made lots of money, so he performed contract hits for crime bosses. Soon, he gathered a gang of over 100 enforcers and associates, and created the "Hangug-ui Mapia", which was originally rivals with the Jopok. The Mapia were initiated into the family after destroying the Hwajae Kkoch-i Manbalhan gang, which was the most powerful Jopok gang at the time. Soon, they became one of the most powerful gangs in the NYC Metropolitan Area (New Jersey Waterfront and New York City), and were involved in the drug trade.

The organization was exterminated in 2008 when The Lost MC attacked Jersey City in December, killing all of the key members in the syndicate. All of the enforcers were killed too, and the family collapsed.

Members Edit

Boss: Wook Ki Song

Underboss: Gi Eun Rhee

Caporegimes: Seok Iseul Moon and Seong Seok Yu

Soldiers: Seong Yong Kwan, Joon Eun Han, Sang Hwan Yu, and Joon Hyeon Kim

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