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Vincenzo Cilli
Harvey Sullo
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born August 6, 1954
Carson City, Nevada
Died September 12, 1992
Las Vegas, Nevada
Affiliation Leone Leone
Title(s) Associate
Harvey Sullo was an Italian-American career criminal, racketeer, and gambler who was associated with the powerful Leone crime family. Sullo was best known for being the manager of Caligula's Casino, a grand casino in Las Vegas that had the most money of all of them at its opening year of 1992. Sullo was murdered in the Caligula's Casino Heist.

Biography Edit

Sullo was born and raised in Carson City of Italian ancestry, his parents hailing from Benevento, near Naples. He was thus a Neapolitan gangster, which was the only exception to the rule where non-Sicilians could not be "made". Sullo's father, Marco Sullo, worked at a casino in Reno, while his mother worked as a barmaid. Sullo's paternal grandfather Vincenzo Sullo was associated with the Corleone crime family, as he was a book-keeper for their family. Harvey Sullo attended Catholic schoo, as his family was making good money. His mother was soon to become a teacher at a Catholic school, making more money. Sullo grew up in a rough neighborhood, however, because many of the people on his block were Mafiosi; it was nicknamed "Dagoville".

In 1971, Sullo left Dagoville for Vegas, hoping to get a promising job there, following his father's tracks. Sullo became a bartender at the Tropigala Casino, run by the Corleones, where he met his future boss Andrew Leone. Don Leone was pleased with Sullo's good manners, so he gave him a $500 tip, and told him to hang around him. He became an enforcer when he was given the task of crushing his rival's car at a Junk Crusher, and Sullo assisted Leone in putting his rivals in their graves.

Sullo was rewarded for his actions with a condominium in Reno, where he set up a safehouse, where he stored weapons, ammunition, and all of his belongings; he also fled to his safehouse to hide from the LVPD and other mobsters. Sullo remained here during the Leone Civil War that took place in 1985 between Underboss Salvatore Leone and Andrew Leone, resulting in the latter's murder. Sullo became the manager of Caligula's Casino in 1992 when Salvatore Leone, Paulie Sindacco, and Franco Forelli put a $3 million investment into the casino to share the income. Sullo spent most of the investment money on purchasing expensive furniture while fending off private corporations, and he upgraded the rooms. The hotel prospered under his supervision.

Death Edit

On September 12, 1992, the San Francisco Triads, conspiring with the Grove Street Families, prepared to break the bank at Caligula's. Led by Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson, the thieves shot their way through the security guards and several Forelli, Sindacco, and Leone mobsters. Sullo was murdered in the casino room, shot six times in the chest by a pistol. Sullo's death caused the casino to be condemned to doom, and all of the money was stolen, ruining the hotel.

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