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Jamaican Mafia associates

The Hematite Street Gang was a gang of Jamaicans who immigrated to America, led by Oscar Jai. Jai's gang was based in a construction site at the intersection of Hematite and President Street. In 2008, Jai and his whole gang were killed.

History Edit

In 1972, the gang moved to America following the death of Haile Selassie. Oscar Jai, a Jamaican drug dealer, took control of Hematite Street and his gang set up business as drug dealers there. In 2008, construction began on a building on Hematite, so the Jamaicans hung out at the site, next to the crane and all of the debris, vehicles, and barricades. The Lost MC, a rival gang, stormed the hideout on August 8, 2008, and killed all twenty Jamaicans.

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