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Henrique Barriero
Biographical Information
Aliases "Henry"
Gender Male
Born May 18, 1969
Washington Heights, New York City
Died November 16, 2008
Koreatown, New Jersey
Affiliation Vagos Spanish Lords
Albanian Mob Korean Mafia
Henrique Barriero was a Puerto Rican gangster with connections to the Korean Mob and the Spanish Lords, as he was the racket boss of the Meteorite Bar. In 2008, he was murdered in Koreatown by Johnny Klebitz.

Biography Edit

Barriero was born in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights in a primarily-Puerto Rican neighborhood, although the Dominican Mafia and the Black Mafia had a strong presence in the area. Barriero became involved in organized crime as an associate of the Spanish Lords, who ran the Meteorite Bar, until the Korean Mob also purchased a stake in the business, and he became the racket boss for both gangs. In 2008, Barriero went out of business when the Lopez Cartel stole his shipment of drugs that he fronted at his bar.

Barreiro was murdered in November 2008 by The Lost MC biker gang, whose leader Johnny Klebitz killed him with four shots to the chest with an M1911 pistol, and Klebitz shot him in the head twice as he lay dying. He then proceeded to steal Barriero's handgun ammunition and his money.

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