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Russian Capo
Henryk Rozovsky
Biographical Information
Aliases Henry
Gender Male
Born April 12, 1963
Orsk, USSR
Died November 5, 2008
Washington Heights, New York City
Affiliation Russian Mafia Faustin crime family
Russian Mafia Rascalov crime family
Title(s) Underboss
Henryk Rozovsky was a Russian-born American mobster who became the Underboss of the Rascalov crime family in 2008, following the murder of his former boss, Mikhail Faustin. Rozovsky was murdered in 2008 by The Lost MC, rivals of the family.

Biography Edit

Rozovsky was born in Orsk to Ivan Rozovsky and Olga Izerova. Henryk became involved with organized crime back in the Soviet Union, making friends with his future boss Dimitri Rascalov. Rozovsky moved to the United States in 1990 in the Russian crime wave that occured when the USSR was collapsing, and he was arrested in 1998 for extortion, 2000 for armed robbery, and 2003 for murder. Rozovsky rose in the ranks of the Faustin crime family, becoming an associate of the family. Rozovsky was the manager of the Perestroika Cabaret in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, where Faustin spent most of his down time. After Faustin was gunned down in 2008 by Rascalov, he joined the Rascalov crime family as the Underboss.

Rozovsky was in charge of most of the family's operations against the various rival gangs, including the Angels of Death, The Lost Brotherhood, and the North Holland Hustlers, and in November 2008, The Lost retaliated. President Johnny Klebitz and six other bikers rode out to Washington Heights on motorcycles, intercepting Rozovsky's limousine and armed escorts, and they shot at Rozovsky's limousine, blowing it up and killing him. Klebitz was wounded and hospitalized, so Clay Simons finished the job.

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